Sarah from Germany

The first time I thought about studying abroad for a year I was kind of afraid. I wasn’t sure about the country I wanted to go to and started to look for information about Costa Rica and some other nations. Finally I chose Costa Rica as the perfect country for my year abroad – All the nature you can discover, the beautiful beaches, the people described as happy and nice all the time.

When I came here, I saw that most information I got on the internet, came true. My hostfamily, which really became my family, is awesome, all the people are kind and helpful and even if you can’t speak their language at first, they’ll be nice and try to talk to you. You’ll always feel welcome and they’ll receive you with wide opened arms.Corcovado-4

In Costa Rica the family is one of the most important things. Instead of only hanging out with your friends, like I used to in Germany, you spend most of the time with your family. It’s nice to see that the family is so united and that you can tell them everything and count on them everytime. When my mum has to go to the supermarket at least one of us accompanies her or everybody wants to see the soccer-match of my brother, even the aunts or grandparents. It’s very important to attend to activities like that. If you would decide not to go, they’ld think you don’t like them or you’re unfriendly.

Another big point is the religion. Most of the Costa Rican are Catholic. My family almost doesn’t go to church, but God, Jesus and the virgin are very important. Maybe you don’t share the same religion or you’re not that religious, but you should participate in the prayer after Christmas and every othe religious activity. If you try hard enough, you’ld probably can change your point of view like I did. Before I came here I was christian, but I didn’t really believe in it, but once seeing all the faith of my family and hearing their stories, I started to believe more and more. And now religion is a important topic to me.

When you hear someone saying “Costa Rica”, you first think in nature and beaches, comprehensible when you just think about the meaning of Costa Rica – Rich Coast. The beaches here are wonderful. The strand of the Pacific are as beautiful as the ones of the Atlantic. I could get to know many beaches, but even when you’ll only know a few ones, you’ll fall in love with them!
Thinking about the nature always puts a smile on my face. You’ll get to know so many beautiful places, with animals you couldn’t see in Germany. It’s a big experience to see all this places, but you really have to want to know them, because sometimes it’s kind of complicated to get to all this places, that means you’ll have to climb or hike.

At the end I only can say that Costa Rica is like my second home! If you want to live an adventure and you’re open-minded, Costa Rica is the perfect country for you’re year abroad!



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