High School Program

Advantages of AVE High School Program

  1. Directed by locals, local staff: AVE is owned by ticos and our personal teachers, coordinators and tour guides are all ticos too. We know our culture best and we can offer you an authentic experience. At the same time, you will be supporting a small local organization instead of a transnational corporation. Also, we have had gathered experience abroad, thus, we are aware of the implication of the culture shock you might experience. We will manage this situations and make you feel at home all the time!
  2. Focus on Costa Rica: Most organizations offer programs in a variety of countries and are usually not familiarized with the particularities of the cultures and traditions. AVE offers programs only in Costa Rica, so all our efforts are directed to offering the best Costa Rican experience you can get!
  3. Accessible prices: We are sometimes shocked by the prices some organizations charge for their programs. Since we only employ local staff and we focus only on the essential, our prices are much lower than our competitors.
  4. Individualized support: We manage a small number of participants per period, so that we can ensure 100% satisfaction to every student.
  5. AVE has many years of experience in the field of exchange programs. We have been organizing stays abroad since the year 2000.
  6. AVE offers you the organization of exchange Programs all around Costa Rica.
  7. AVE offers you the opportunity to choose between private or governmental high schools in Costa Rica.
  8. AVE locates host families who have a real interest in their host students.
  9. AVE offers you a personalized service. You will always be in contact with AVE and receive a quick response to questions.
  10. AVE organizes tours with Costa Ricans, so that you receive even more opportunities to practice your Spanish.
  11. AVE offers you full access to Costa Rica and will help you with counseling and language courses.

AVE is your program from beginning to end!