High school program

Introductory course

Right after your arrival in Costa Rica you will receive one ­day introductory course so that you find your way around. On top of that, you will receive a folder with tips and recommendations which is a very important guide to ensure the success of your program.


Isla del Cano

You will be a family member of a Costa Rican family. Living within a host family makes your stay in

Costa Rica an intensive experience. By means of a full immersion, you will quickly learn, deepen and improve your spanish while you gather valuable cultural experiences. You can immerse into the culture of the Costa Rican people (“Ticos”) and gather many interesting experiences of their everyday life and traditions.

Furthermore, your vocabulary will almost automatically double just by when listening to the language and it’s typical expressions. This will also help you to know how to use the correct expression at the right moment. In short, life in a host family is probably the best opportunity to obtain insights about the Costa Rican culture and the fastest way to integrate into a new surrounding.

Constant contact with you

Aside from all of the advantages aforementioned, a host family will also provide you with a safe environment, since AVE is in contact with the host families who constantly inform and provide AVE feedback about your well­ being. We offer an ongoing accompaniment so that you can truly feel satisfied and comfortable in school and with your host family. Apart from that, you will always be able to stay in touch with your parents.


You can chose between a public or a private school, according with the quality of the education you want to receive.

Length of stay Three to eleven months

Program duration Starting
3 months February, April, July, Sept.
5 months February, April, July
10 months February, July

This information is valid for students who come to Costa Rica with a group. For students who travel alone, it is possible to organize a personal program for the entire year.

Organization of private activities

Language, sports, touristic or cultural activities can be organized ­price not included in the program­. (for example yoga, music, salsa dancing, cooking, etc.).


Our program offers many different excursions, that allow you to know best this beautiful country.


Minimum age: 14 years.
Maximal age: 17 years.

Spanish knowledge is not required.

Spanish course

Learning Spanish with AVE is an exciting experience, full of active exercises, far from boring vocabulary or quizzes. Our program is adapted to your personal and individual interests and is apt for those people who want to learn about the Costa Rican culture. AVE gives you the necessary Spanish knowledge so that your stay in Costa Rica is a guaranteed success. The course takes into consideration the personal level of each participant and tailors the lessons accordingly.

  • Teaching materials:
    AVE disposes of its own teaching materials that not only cover the Spanish grammar, but also information about the Costa Rican culture, as well as material for your self studies.
  • Student number:
    AVE’s Spanish classes are taught in small groups (maximum 4 participants) and include every subject needed to learn a language: speech, composition, listening and reading skills.
  • Course level:
    Our courses correspond to the common European Language References: A1, A2 Beginners, B1, B2 Intermediate Level, C1, C2 Advanced Level

Internships or volunteer work

If you wish to further your experience, AVE can organize that you work as a volunteer or intern during your school holidays (July or December through February).


AVE can organize tours tailored to your interests during your school holidays (July or from December through February). You only have to let us know where you would like to travel and we will arrange some exciting tours for you!


We will also be glad to send you our brochure per e­mail. Just send us a request e­mail to the following address info@avecostarica.org