About Costa Rica

The best country for an exciting experience abroad!

Would you like to get to know a different culture? Are you interested in expanding your language repertoire? Are you looking for a country with magnificent landscapes and fauna? Is it important for you to meet pleasant and charismatic people? Are you thirsty for adventure? Then you need to come to Costa Rica!

Costa Rica offers​

  • Stable democratic conditions: Costa Rica is a country that enjoys a very stable democracy and no army since 1948. Also, freedom, respect and tolerance are fundamental values.
  • Gentle, helpful, liberal­minded and tolerant people: the "Ticos" are very friendly, always ready to help, extremely welcoming, warm­hearted and open.
  • Costa Rica has one of the best health systems of Latin America.
  • High educational level: education in Costa Rica is considered as one of the best in Central America. Elementary school is obligatory and afforded by the government, which provides every child in every region with access to free education.
  • 5% of the global biodiversity rests in Costa Rican lands: this country's flora and fauna are simply sensational.
  • Modern environmental policies: with 27 National Parks, 25% of the country's territory is protected.
  • Hundreds of beautiful beaches at the Caribbean and the Pacific Coasts.
  • Active volcanoes
  • Security
  • Economic stability
  • Spanish grammatically correct. Because of the quality of its education, Costa Ricans have a high pronunciation quality and knowledge of the language, with light and melodic accent.
  • A relaxed and appropriate atmosphere to learn Spanish because Costa Rican people are very communicative.

Costa Rica is great whether you need to learn Spanish​ or bring the language back to your memory. At the same time you can get to know wonderful people, a tropical climate, beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, protected areas. Also animals such as parrots, turtles, monkeys, ­ in short, a fascinating variety of Flora and Fauna. If you come to Costa Rica once, you will be back!

You're welcome! ​