Bookings and Prices

You can download the  registration form as a Word document Here EDITAR and send it via mail to  If you are a minor, you need to ask your parents or respective guardian to also sign the registration form. Furthermore,  we will need the following documents for your enrollment:

Please send the completed registration form with: 

  • a short description about yourself and your family [you should specify why you decided to spend a time abroad in Costa Rica and your parents’ opinion about the decision. In order to tailor a program according to your interests (regarding host family, high school, physical and cultural activities) it would be a great advantage if you can tell us what is important to you and what you particularly like or dislike (e.g. pets)].
  • 6 Photos of your Family doing different Activities.
  • Copy of your last two school certificates and a  written opinion of your class or Spanish teacher in regards to your Spanish or English knowledge (please find here a student evaluation form)
  • Medical Certificate
Via Fax, e-mail or mail:

Once all of the documents are complete, we will proof­read these and send you our contract with the program’s guidelines and an invoice.

After receiving the contract signed by your parents, your registration will be legally valid and binding. Once we receive the insurance policy and receipt of 50% of the payment we will send you the information about your host family and some  informations about  your stay in Costa Rica.

Please contact us, we will be glad to answer any questions you might have!

Registration period

The registration procedure takes at least three months before Program starts in order to find you a suitable host family and school.   We ask you to send in the necessary documents (registration form, resume with photo, description of yourself and your family, etc.) so that we can take into consideration your wishes, at least three months prior to your stay in Costa Rica. Bookings can be made at a short notice.


PricesPlease contact us per mail:

All programs include the cost for a host family,  food and laundry. The food consists of a typical breakfast, lunch or lunchbox and dinner. rivate Schools  tuition and fees are included.  For IB (International Baccalaureate) schools  there are extra charges

Method of payment
There are two payments that are required:

  • The first payment of 50% needs to be transferred within the first month; the signing of the contract will be afterwards.
  • Two months prior to your departure to Costa Rica, the second payment of the remaining 50% has
    to be transferred.


AVE offers you the following services included:

  • Introductory course in Costa Rica.
  • Placing with a Costa Rican host family with every meal (breakfast, lunchbox or lunch and dinner).
  • Enrollment at a private or public high school.
  • Application for a visa (depending on the length of stay).
  • Transportation services to and from the airport (AVE and/or host family).
  • Regular meetings.
  • Final meeting.
  • Certification of school attendance in Costa Rica.
  • Organization of tours and activities (yoga, music, salsa dancing, cooking, etc.).  These costs are not included in the total Price.

Additional costs

The following costs have to be assumed separately by the participant:

  • Flight Ticket, taxes, etc.
  • Pocket money (approx. 100 € per month)
  • Books, School bus, etc.
  • Personal tours.