Parents of Chiara from Germany

Dear AVEs Team,

Now Chiara is at home again and she is getting used to being back home. It’s Easter and we wish you happy holidays. Here is snow and it is unusually cold. Today we will have breakfast with the family. Grandma and Grandpa are also here.
Chiara tell us a lot about Costa Rica and we think she misses Costa Rica very much. She says a lot about the organization and we would like to thank you! You took a lot of care of her. Thank you so much!

If you need support in your work with future exchange students, for example recommendations for future Participants in Germany, don´t hesitate to give our names. It will be a pleasure to recommend your Agency. We would like also to market you organization, so please just let us know and we will do.

If you come to Germany, we would be very pleased if you are our guest. In some years, we will visit Costa Rica. We wish you all the best and we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Best regards

Peter und Astrid

(Parents of Chiara Germany)

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