Mina from Norway

Pueblo Antiguo 5Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a lot of nature. It´s very small, but that´s just a good thing as the country has so much to offer. Here there are volcanoes, beaches, rivers, different types of woods, a lot of animals and plants. The climate is nice and warm, and is divided in summer and winter. In the summer there is a lot of wind and it almost never rains, while in the winter it rains almost every day. Tropical rain is amazing, normally it doesn’t last that long, but you will get wet (even if you bring an umbrella).

The ticos are are really friendly and welcoming. They are proud of their country and love soccer.

My time in Costa Rica is now over, but I´ve had such a great time. Now I have another family, another house, and a lot of friends on the other side of the world. I´m now really close with my family here, because for the ticos, family might be the most important thing.



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