Welcome to AVE

Welcome to AVE, the high school exchange program in COSTA RICA for you!

AVE stands for Foreign Exchange Program full of Adventure from its acronym in German. If you want to experience everyday life as a Costa Rican student, whether it is a private or public High school, you are at the right place with AVE. With our program, you will also receive the opportunity to be another member of a Costa Rican family. We will find the one perfectly fitted for you! A warm family that will help you to improve your Spanish, invite you to experience a different culture, feed you with local cuisine and show you a whole new world!

Come to Costa Rica and discover by yourself why Mr. Julio Sanguinetti, ex president of Uruguay, once said:

"Where there is a Costa Rican, wherever he is, there is liberty"

We can't wait to meet you!


knows the beauty of Costa Rica